Servicing areas in Utica, Clinton and New Hartford. Food scraps plus meat & dairy!

Taking a bite out of the landfill

Our Diversion Totals:

Food that we've saved from going into the landfill as of March 7, 2019.

The bites we've taken out of the landfill

5,223 gallons     14,626 pounds   

Sign up with CNY Green Cycle Benefits:

Buy less garbage bags


We supply your compostable bags for CNY Green Cycle with the service charge.

Less messy garbage bags


By removing food scraps from your garbage you are eliminating the messiest and smelliest parts of your trash.  Which also takes up to 40% of your trash can.

Save money on your trash collection


Sign up with and switch to every other week or once a month pick up to balance out this decrease and pay less for trash removal.

How else can you take a bite out of the landfill?

Freeze it


If something is in your fridge and will go bad soon, put it in the freezer.  So you can enjoy the food later.  This saves food waste.

Batch cook


Cook in larger quantities and freeze them or split the food up for the week.  This saves you on buying different ingredients for different meals.  And if you freeze them you can still have variety.  This saves money at the grocery store and waste from the landfill.

For more tips on how to SAVE THE FOOD

Plan it


Make a plan of what you will eat and make a list for grocery shopping.  This saves you time, $$$ , and waste that you would otherwise throw away.

Less trash for the landfill


Send your food scraps with CNY Green Cycle and cut down on your trash.  You can cut your trash by around 40%.   

Support Local


We are not a big company.  We are a local startup to #1 benefit the Earth.  So help us help our local, Oneida County, soil and environment.  If you sign up with Wheelock for your trash service you are also choosing local, instead of a national company.

Help the Earth!


Taking food out of the landfill/composting it helps to stop Methane from being released into our atmosphere.  It also helps replenish natural benefits for the Earth.  

Did you know?


"A head of lettuce takes 25 years to decompose in a traditional landfill" from movie Wasted

At first this seems impossible, but when you think about it we bag our garbage in plastic and mix it in with other non compost materials.  When you think of it that way it makes more sense... 

Thank you to our supporters


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