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CNY Green Cycle

About Us



Our logo is an optical illusion.  The image consists of the iconic apple core image for composting with the added touch of two faces that create the cut outs on the sides of the apple core.     

Sustainable future


The future of trash is organic recycling.  For years we have been recycling  plastics, glass and more, but I have recently discovered our future is recycling food scraps.   Clients sign up for my service and I pick up for their food scraps  bi weekly.  I bring the organics to a local permitted compost site facility.  

Our structure


CNY Green Cycle LLC is a locally owned and run business.  Also proudly 100% woman owned and run.  

Taking the values and sustainability taught by our grandparents to create a better future.  

A big goal for CNY Green Cycle is to keep costs as low as we can for you, while sustaining our business and growth.