We believe in simplicity and are here to help the Earth and keep sustainable.  With these beliefs in mind we only offer one service.  There are No Contracts.  We ask that you pay once a month by the 1st of the month.  

Bi weekly service

$14.69- $20.12 monthly (*see sliding scale) taxes already included

  • We make going green easy.  You fill the 5 gallon bucket with your food scraps and just put it at your curb.  We take your food scraps, spray and wipe your container.  Then put a new compostable bag in in your bucket.  We pick up every other week at your curbside.  If the container is too big, talk to neighbors and friends about sharing or if it's too small add a second container.
  • *sliding scale: we are happy to provide the same great service at the lowest price listed, but anything more helps support our sustainability.

One time start up fee:  

  • 5 green gallon bucket  $21.75  made of 100% recycled plastic including lid and 1st compostable bag and rubber band to hold bag in place. 

We bring your food scraps to a composting facility that sustains local farming, in the future we may bring your food scraps to OHSWA and they will turn them into energy.




What goes in this bin:

  • meat, bones, and dairy
  • oil on foods; such as salad dressing on salad
  • coffee grounds and coffee filters 
  • vegetables (cooked or not) 
  • fruit (with pits and cooked or not) 
  • bread, grains, beans, legumes, and nuts
  • egg shells
  • tea bags
  • table top flowers 
  • drier lint
  • scraps of newspaper
  • household dust 
  • napkins or paper towels
  • paper cups 
  • small bits of yard waste
  • small cardboard scraps 

What doesn't go in the bin:

  • trash - diapers, pet waste, styrofoam, rubber bands, or twist ties 
  • other recyclable material - plastic, glass or metal
  • When in doubt, feel free to ask
  • there will be a $5.00 fee each time these are placed in your bin